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5 Pillars For A Freelance Business

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Entrepreneurs do not fall from the sky but they build skills of entrepreneurship within them. To be an entrepreneur, you have to... 

think differently. You will be surprised by how your thoughts govern your life.

Here are some of the pillars that govern a freelance business;

Always get a deposit This is a tricky one but a must. It is important that they give you a percent of the price up front to insure you get paid for your work. The typical rate is from 25% to 50% depending on the size of the project. However this can back fire for clients as I’m sure its happened to most of you, I recently hired someone to redesign WebDesignDev and I paid 50%, when he showed me the design I told him I liked the concept but it lacked design, he turned on me and said its obvious you won’t like it so you can either pay me 25% more for PSD or I will just go with your deposit. Everyone has this doubt and it does happen often, reassure your clients about this and make sure you will be there for them, you will follow out the work you have been set to do or you will refund them. Get 100% verification of what you must do for your client When starting a new project with a client, be sure to find our 100% exactly what it is you need to do. There is no point in starting a project if your unsure. You will get half way through it and then client will say its all wrong. You will just be wasting time, so get verification. Decide an hourly rate or rate on a project basis It depends a lot on the freelancer which works best for them. If you like to take your time and  get it perfect then hourly rates are the way to go for you. If you work fast and because of this value your time more highly then you could consider a price per project. However in experience I have found working a hourly rate allows more freedom to explore ideas and get things perfect. It also means that if the client wants revision after revision then you can keep going as you will be paid more. The customer is always right (with exceptions) Ever heard the phrase the customer is always right? Generally speaking they are, but sometimes they can be wrong, very wrong. If the client has given you a spec and you have completed the design, and they said it’s not as they described, they wanted a red color scheme when they clearly said in the brief they wanted a green color scheme, they are wrong. You just have to deal with fussy clients like that on a professional and mature level. Know your clients by name If you know your clients by name, then they will feel comfortable employing you to complete their web design / graphic design project. On the other hand if you can’t remember their name, they may think you’re a really really busy person who has no time for them. Clients are number 1 priority – after all they pay your bills. 


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