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5 Things You Need To Do To Beat Laziness

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Entrepreneurs do not fall from the sky but they build skills of entrepreneurship within them. To be an entrepreneur, you have to... 

1. Be kind to yourself.

When you feel that you’ve perhaps been too lazy lately it’s common and tempting to beat yourself up about it and to hope that will lead you to start taking action. Sometimes it does. But I have found that beating yourself up most often just leads to feeling guiltier and like a failure. And so you feel less motivated to get going and you procrastinate because there seems to be little point in even trying. 2. Start with just a small step forward.

The hardest thing is often to simply get started. So make that as easy as you can to reduce the inner resistance and to actually take action. Start with just taking a small step forward: * Go out running for only 3 minutes. * Do the dishes for 5 minutes. * Write on that report you’ve been procrastinating on for 10 minutes. I use this habit almost every day in some way. I’m for example creating a new course and my daily aim over the past months has usually been to write 1 page a day. And now that the writing is done the aim as I start my day is often to edit 1 page. That’s it. But it has never stopped at only 1 page in these months, I have written or edited a whole bunch more each day. 3. Do a small part of what matters most first thing in your day.

To feel like you can enjoy your lazy/rest time fully and without guilt it’s important to actually get what truly matters in the long run done each week. So start your day with that. But make it easy on yourself by breaking down that task into smaller steps and then focus on just the first one. Get on it right away to get into an effective and focused mindset. By doing so you set a good tone for your day. You get that quick 5-10 minute win in first thing and you’ll be a lot more motivated to keep going on that path during the rest of your day. Instead of starting with busy work like checking emails – this may be vital to do first thing for some but for many it’s probably not – or checking Facebook etc. and then 30 minutes later getting started with today’s work. 4. Cycle fully focused work with small breaks of rest/lazy time.

To lighten up your daily work inject small breaks between doing short but focused burst of work. Say to yourself: I’ll do 20 minutes of work on this task now and then I can take 5 or 10 minutes of lazy time. By breaking down your hours like this the work seems less daunting. And you’ll feel energetic and motivated longer and do work of better quality if you allow yourself these pauses of rest and time to lazy around on Facebook, with a game or with just relaxing in the grass or with short walk in the park. Then, after some time, you may want to work for 40 minutes before you take a 10 minute break. But go easy on yourself at first. And if you have trouble with sticking to your time-limits then use an app on your phone or a simple egg-timer from your kitchen. 5. Shut down the escape routes temporarily.

Just sitting down at for example your computer and trying to do fully focused work for 5 or 20 minutes may not result in any work of importance getting done. Not if you don’t remove those things that you usually use to procrastinate. So ask yourself: where do I usually escape to instead of doing my work? For me it’s for example often my smart phone and checking Reddit, Twitter or random internet browsing. So I put my phone in silent mode and I put it at the other end of our home when I work. By setting up that small physical obstacle I avoid the phone trap maybe 95% of the time. Hope this helps. Have a blessed day.  


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