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Having A Side Hustle Is A Necessity- Here’s Why

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Entrepreneurs do not fall from the sky but they build skills of entrepreneurship within them. To be an entrepreneur, you have to... 

have a hustlers mentality. Here are some of the ideas they always have. 

1. Prepare for the Long Haul Businessman and philanthropist Tony Robbins recently shared with me that he believes, “business success is 80 percent psychology and 20 percent mechanics.” What he means is that even a great product or service won’t take you very far if you lack the grit, determination and genuine interest in helping your future customers solve meaningful problems. 2. Identify Your Skills and Areas of Interest Never enter a battle ill-equipped for the challenges you'll be facing. In order to experience quick results, your side hustle must be backed by relevant skills, experience or industry knowledge. After all, business success happens only when the right skills meet the right interest areas. 

3. Validate Your Side Hustle With One Paying Customer Your side hustle idea may seem incredibly awesome and disruptive to you, but that’s not necessarily how your potential customers will see it. More likely than not, they’ll ignore it like the vast majority of “brilliant ideas” that have been productized and unleashed given the sheer amount of daily distractions and advertisements we're exposed to.   4. Differentiate Yourself From Competitors Unless you’ve built a totally new product or service that’s a class in and of itself, chances are you’ll be positioning your side hustle against other established players catering to the same target audience. Competition is an inevitable part of doing business. In just about any niche 5. Define Clear Goals It’s commendable to dream big. But when it comes to actually making your side hustle a success, you will get absolutely nowhere by aiming for the end zone straight out the games. In order to make your larger goals happen, you need to start with very small, incremental goals. After bringing on one satisfied customer, it's time to get your second. Then your third, fourth, fifth and so on.  


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