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Learn how millenials like you are winning

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

They’ve given up on time wasting Procrastinating is something your successful friends are really bad at 


They have faith in what they can achieve and just get started on the goal. They treat life like every moment is precious, and they don’t want to waste a second of it. 

When your successful friends are old and have gray hair one day, they want to be proud of how they spent their time. Ideally, they want to have changed the world in some significant way, and for their legacy to last generations to come.

When they enter a room, they want to be given a standing ovation for the way they have lived their life. They are humbled by the gift of wisdom that they first saw, and then embraced with every cell in their body.

  They’ve given up only consuming

Rather than consume YouTube videos all day long, your successful friends have given up consuming for creating. They spend as much time as possible doing the “doing” instead of sitting there watching others have the success they’ve always dreamt of.

As a rule of thumb, spend more than 50% of your time creating and leave the rest of the time for consuming.


Millennials are starting more businesses, too. The report found that they’ve launched about twice as many as boomers have—nearly eight companies each versus three to four for boomers.

Frank says there may be two reasons for that. First, he notes that it’s “easier today to create a business than before.” Second, millennials may be more open to failure than boomers are. “Before, failure was considered a stop in your career,” he adds. “Today, you can easily fail” and keep going. “We don’t know if all the 7.7 companies [millennials] have created are successful.”

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