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Your Dreams Are Valid Regardless Of Your Background

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Entrepreneurs do not fall from the sky but they build skills of entrepreneurship within them. To be an entrepreneur, you have to 

believe in yourself than anybody else will. 

Greetings my dreamers of ginormous dreams! Welcome to the day that we realize that the only validation that really matters is the one that comes from within! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to self value! The other night, as I watched Lupita Nyong’o acceptance speech for the Oscars, and remembered her earlier speech about her feeling inadequate, all I can remember is my own feeling of inadequacy at an early age, when I kept being reminded that I wasn’t going to amount to anything. Everyday in some shape, form, or fashion, I was being told that I would be dead or in jail by the age of 25 and that my life didn’t matter much. It wasn’t until I started to look for approval from within, that life started to turn around. While winning awards is a joyous moment and validation from society that our work is being appreciated, never forget that even without the trophies, you still matter! The reason why you still have breath in your body is because you still have purpose in the greater scheme of life. We are all here to manifest the greatness that is in us innately. Whether others see that greatness or not is of no consequence. Understand your value, know what you bring to the table and never let anyone steal your joy. Your dreams are indeed valid! Know and understand that your belief in your dreams validity should always come from within and as long as you hold on to that belief ANYTHING is possible!! Keep pushing and take what you deserve! “The only permission, the only validation, and the only opinion that matters in our quest for greatness is our own.” -Steve Maraboli “As long as you look for someone else to validate who you are by seeking their approval, you are setting yourself up for disaster. You have to be whole and complete in yourself. No one can give you that. You have to know who you are - what others say is irrelevant.” -Nic Sheff 


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